Race Wrap Up

8 events, two running packs, one running belt, 4 or 5 pairs of shoes and many lessons learned, it has been a great running season for me. A few mantras carried me down the trail; relentless forward progress, pep talk!, just keep moving, it doesn’t matter if you hurt you have to get back to […]

An Easy Overnight Loop On Mount Lemmon

Last week I decided that I really wanted to do some backpacking on Mt. Lemmon. I wanted some water and shade to escape the heat of Tucson and my partner wanted some easy mileage as he had just done 15 miles the day before we headed out. As we approached the Catalina Highway we were […]

2014 Old Pueblo 50 mile Endurance Run Report

The morning started for me at 2:30 am with an alarm clock. I managed to get more sleep the night before than I would have guessed considering what was looming for the day. 2 scrambled eggs, one Eggo and a bottle of Gatorade went down quickly and I was off to meet Jeremy Davis for […]

San Tan Scramble 50k

I’m sitting, resting after completing the Elephant Mountain 22k, waiting for my girlfriend to come through the first lap of her first 50k enjoying the beautiful weather and recounting the past three races that have lead up to the Old Pueblo 50 mile race one week from today. San Tan Scramble was my first 50k […]

McDowell Mountain Frenzy 25k Race Report

The third race of the Trail Series with Aravaipa Running and of my season is the McDowell Mountain Frenzy. I had planned on bumping up to the 50k for this race as a part of my Old Pueblo 50 training but I had been sick for the two weeks leading up to the race so […]

Pass Mountain 26k Race Report

November 16th marked the second race of the season, Pass Mountain 26k at Usery Park in Mesa. Four of my friends and Summit Hut co-workers (Dave, Charles, Ryan, Kirsten and Maddie) joined me for this race which was great! For this race we decided to go up the night before and camp at the park. […]

Cave Creek Thriller 31k Race Report

My running season officially started Saturday October 19th this year with the Cave Creek Thriller 31k put on by Aravaipa Running. This is the first of 7 races that Aravaipa will put on between now and March. I’m signed up for all them as well as the Old Pueblo 50, my first 50 mile race. […]

Hiking Report: February

February in Tucson and in Southern Arizona tend to be a great time to get outdoors to play in your favorite venue. Whether it is hiking, biking, trail running or simply just getting outside to enjoy the weather and awesome landscape to relieve the stresses of our everyday lives. One of the things that we […]

2012 Cave Creek Thriller and McDowell Mountain Frenzy

30k Start at the 2012 Cave Creek Thriller October 2012: 3:12:57 and 12.4 miles into the Cave Creek Thriller I reached the Start/Finish line aid station – my first 30k race was not going exactly as I imagined. My stomach rebelled during the first lap, I was tired and hot and I thought about dropping […]

8000M Challenge & Big City Mountaineers

Each year, a team from Summit Hut joins about 150 of our closest outdoor friends for a heart-pounding, 38-mile day hike! The goal is to summit 3 of the tallest peaks in Southern California in under 24 hours. It’s an incredible physical challenge, but it’s also an amazing experience. The camaraderie between stores that are […]