Lightning 60

Let’s cut to the chase: the Lightning 60 is a great pack. Need a pack that is very light, yet handles heavier loads with ease? Look no further than the Lightning 60. Though this pack is disarmingly simple looking, it is remarkably comfortable. I was recently won over by this pack on an eight day backpack in […]

Review: Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 5 Set Pack

Over the past couple of years I have become more excited about running and moving quickly in the backcountry has become something that I enjoy/dream about/work towards. If – like me – you want to move fast/run on the trails and still carry a bit of gear and extra water with you the Salomon Advanced […]

Hiking Report: February

February in Tucson and in Southern Arizona tend to be a great time to get outdoors to play in your favorite venue. Whether it is hiking, biking, trail running or simply just getting outside to enjoy the weather and awesome landscape to relieve the stresses of our everyday lives. One of the things that we […]

Review: Inov-8 Trailroc 235, 245, 255

In the second half of 2012 Inov-8 released 3 new models in their Off-Road series – the Trailroc 235, 245 and 255. Because the fit and features seemed right we decided to stock the entire series – and after getting good feedback from a staff demo day on the Douglas Springs Trail and from several […]

2012 Cave Creek Thriller and McDowell Mountain Frenzy

30k Start at the 2012 Cave Creek Thriller October 2012: 3:12:57 and 12.4 miles into the Cave Creek Thriller I reached the Start/Finish line aid station – my first 30k race was not going exactly as I imagined. My stomach rebelled during the first lap, I was tired and hot and I thought about dropping […]


It all started when a customer walked in the store for something simple–I think it was sport beans or vitalyte for a cycling event–and told me about L’Eroica. His eyes got that faraway dreamy stare as he told me of this long ride through Tuscany on historic white gravel roads called the “strade bianchi.” Three […]

Building a Better First Aid Kit

I recently went backpacking in Aravaipa Canyon which, if you haven’t been there, it’s crazy beautiful and a requirement for southern Arizona residents, like a smaller accessible version of the Grand Canyon. My friend who came with me was pretty reactive to bee stings. She got stung once on a river trip and her ankle […]

Merrell Mix Master 2 Review

Well folks, we just got the Mix Master 2 by Merrell in at Summit Hut. Weighing in at 8.1 ounces, this is a great minimal trainer from Merrell’s M-Connect line of shoes. Merrell markets the Mix Master 2 as a light-weight multi-sport shoe with minimal drop. “Multi-sport” meaning that the shoe should perform equally well […]

Patagonia Light Flyer Review

The Patagonia Light Flyer Jacket is a light weight breathable waterproof active shell featuring GORE-TEX Active Technology is a great option or any runner looking for some reprieve from storms. The back panel vents as well as zippered vents on the upper arm allow for extra air flow when you’re really pumping out a tough […]

2012 Mesquite Canyon 1/2 Marathon Race Report

With so many great opportunities to hike, climb and adventure around Tucson I rarely take advantage of the outdoor destinations outside of Phoenix. But this March I was tempted up to White Tank Mountain Regional Park to take part in the 1/2 Marathon length of Araviapa Running‘s Mesquite Canyon Race. The Mesquite Canyon Race has […]