New Balance 110 – Preview

Editors Note (1/10/12): The MT110 and WT110 are now in stock!

The New Balance MT110 and WT110 are great choices if you are interested in a light weight (we’re talking 7.75 oz for the men’s and 6.2 oz for the women’s!) low to the ground footwear with more protection and structure than you will get from the New Balance Minimus MT10 and WT10. The 110 has a a flexible Rock Stop plate in the forefoot to give you the protection you need to tear through trails without feeling every rock in your mid-foot, durable synthetic upper, Acteva foam to keep the shoe light and an internal shank for support. The lugged sole is great on trail and this could be a great choice for rugged trails – like many of the trails in the mountains around Tucson!

Summit Hut was able to get our hands on three pairs of 110’s to preview. Three staff members have done a great job of putting this shoe through the ringer – gym workouts, hiking and everyday use. Here are their first impressions:

Traci – Speedway Store Manager

The first thing that grabbed me about the WT110’s are the fast flashy colors and the unique lug concepts on the bottom. Being a lover of footwear, especially those with a technical edge I was game to take them for a spin. I have used many variations of the more minimalistic types of shoes and I was interested to see how the 110’s were going to be different. The beauty of a minimalistic shoe for me is the freedom feeling of the ground without the danger of the elements.

Anything I would do with a typical gym shoe, Stair stepper, elliptical, row machine, weight machines, (and even a skydiving adventure) I did with the 110’s. I wanted to put them to the test. They performed so well and I am super stoked to wear them. They are grippy when I need them to be and I still have the feeling of being grounded. The voluminous toe box lets me wiggle my toes and feel that I am getting a good workout. The rounded up toe took a little bit of adjustment, but now I love the feel of my 110’s!

Richard – Equipment Buyer

I tried the New Balance MT110’s on a hike of Mt Wrightson. I had recently done the same hike in my New Balance MT10 so I was eager to see the difference.  The 110’s felt a little heavier but gave much more cushion and protection.  Going uphill, the additional depth in the midsole felt great and the upper was breathable enough for me not to notice a difference from the MT10’s. I also really appreciated the forefoot rock plate. It allowed me to move faster over the rocky parts of the trail and have an overall faster speed going downhill.  I was wearing the same size in the 110 as I have in the MT10 and they may have been 1/2; a size too big but without one to try I can’t say for sure. Overall I like the 110 and I’m looking forward to putting more miles on them soon.

Frank – Marketing Manager

I have worn the MT110’s as an around-town shoe. I haven’t taken much advantage of any of the awesome grippy-ness, trail-prowess or really many of the technical advantages of the 110…but I still think they’re an amazing shoe! I’ve tried several of the minimal products out there – some don’t fit my ridiculously long toes, some don’t have enough cushion for my tastes and others just don’t look cool. The 110’s pass with flying colors on all of these fronts! The forefoot is plenty spacious and lets your toes move freely. I’ve been equally comfortable in these shoes sitting at my desk as I have been on a full day running errands. The very little bit of time I spent on the trail with these shoes did offer a glimpse into their potential. They did offer more cushion than other minimal footwear while still giving that closer-to-the-ground sensation. And let’s be honest, the look of this shoe is awesome enough to warrant getting a pair as soon as you can!

So there you have it, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and this shoe is sure to be a popular one. Keep your eye out for them in January of 2012!

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