Incinerator Ridge Trail, Kellogg Trail, Mount Bigelow

In 2012 an extension to the Incinerator Ridge Trail was completed that connects the existing trail to the San Pedro Vista. This extension is a short – but important – addition to the trail system in the Santa Catalina Mountains. It provides a useful link between trails outside of the Pusch Ridge Wilderness lower on […]

Being A Warrior Princess is Tougher Than You Think

As a kid growing up in the woods, I fantasized about being a warrior princess: a powerful girl trained in the arts of survival and war, who could stalk soundlessly through the brush and skillfully ambush prey. I wanted to live in a house made of earth, fish in the river with a spear, wear […]

King Canyon Trail

The King Canyon Trail is an excellent way to enjoy Saguaro National Park West, which protects a major portion of the Tucson Mountains west of Tucson, Arizona. The Sonoran Desert ecosystem is on full display along the trail, featuring Saguaro cactus groves, Ironwood trees and Jojoba shrubs, to name just a few plant species. Wasson […]

Sweetwater Trail

One of the four mountain ranges that cradle the Tucson valley, the Tucson Mountains are home to Saguaro National Park West and the world renowned Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. The range is a showpiece for the Sonoran Desert and its exotic ecosystem of desert-adapted plants and animals. Wasson Peak and the Sweetwater Trail The Tucson Mountains […]