100 Days of Service

We are so fortunate to be able to live and play in the magnificent Southwest! Our love and passion for our precious wild lands runs deep, so early this year the Summit Hut launched its “100 Days of Service” program to benefit non-profit outdoor, conservation, and environmental advocacy organizations in southern Arizona.

It’s a simple idea: each year the Summit Hut pays up to 100 days worth of regular wages to our 60 employees when they volunteer to provide services to a non-profit group partner. We are thrilled to help with any number of tasks: trail building, restoration projects, native species protection, invasive species control, office and clerical chores, and so on. 100 Days of Service has been enthusiastically embraced by our staff and the Summit Hut is genuinely gratified to be giving back to some great organizations that have worked so hard for years to preserve and protect our precious environmental heritage.

Moving boulders off the Arizona Trail

The Summit Hut currently has 100 Days of Service partnerships with Sky Island Alliance, Arizona Trail Association, Tucson Audubon Society, Rincon Group of the Sierra Club; and we are in the process of finalizing partnerships with several other groups.

We kicked this program off this past March, and Summit Hut volunteers have already given nearly twenty days of service; building trail and helping with a bullfrog control and inventory project. Eighty more days to give, we can hardly wait!

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  1. I recently got to work with your group building the Arizona Trail. We really appreciated the help of the enthusiastic Summit Hut crew. Thanks for giving back to the community!

  2. Jerry Cagle says:

    Shouldn’t you have offed the guy BEFORE you buried him…?

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