Support High Creek Access in the Galiuro Mountains

Since 2003, public access to High Creek, one of the nicest trail heads in the Galiuro Mountains northeast of Tucson, has been blocked by private land owners. The Forest Service is seeking public comment on a proposed plan to restore public access to the High Creek area.

Public access to High Creek will provide a central gateway to key portions of Galiuro Wilderness including Holdout Spring, Basset Peak, Kennedy Peak, the headwaters of Rattlesnake Canyon, and the Powers Garden area. Beneficiaries include hikers, backpackers, naturalists, campers, equestrians and hunters. Furthermore, opening High Creek will reduce recreational pressure on two other trail heads on the east side of the Galiuros: Ash Creek and Deer Creek.

Your support for the public access plan to High Creek is needed! Please write or email your support for the proposal as soon as possible; the deadline for submitting comments is October 28. Include name, full address, a subject name of “High Creek EA”, and your specific comments with supporting reasons you believe the Forest Service should consider in reaching a decision. Note that this information becomes a matter of public record. Find more information on your Opportunity to Comment, here.

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  1. Eric says:

    I sent my comment and urged them to restore access on the premise that Deer Creek can’t be the only option. That trail head is way overused. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Jon says:

    There are other places that have the same problem. Land is "public" but access in denied. It never fails when development starts that people then do not want others in "their" mountains. This happened to the Tucson Rifle Club and to alot of access to great trout rivers in Montana and other areas. It is a sad thing to see. Theodore Roosevelt is crying as we speak.

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