2014 Old Pueblo 50 mile Endurance Run Report

The morning started for me at 2:30 am with an alarm clock. I managed to get more sleep the night before than I would have guessed considering what was looming for the day. 2 scrambled eggs, one Eggo and a bottle of Gatorade went down quickly and I was off to meet Jeremy Davis for […]

Pass Mountain 26k Race Report

November 16th marked the second race of the season, Pass Mountain 26k at Usery Park in Mesa. Four of my friends and Summit Hut co-workers (Dave, Charles, Ryan, Kirsten and Maddie) joined me for this race which was great! For this race we decided to go up the night before and camp at the park. […]

Review: Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 5 Set Pack

Over the past couple of years I have become more excited about running and moving quickly in the backcountry has become something that I enjoy/dream about/work towards. If – like me – you want to move fast/run on the trails and still carry a bit of gear and extra water with you the Salomon Advanced […]

Trail Running With Vibram FiveFingers

How I Learned to Not Hate Running I started my first trail run ever with the goal that I would just run as much as I wanted to. A quarter of a mile in on the Marshall Gulch trail, I started thinking I should have set some loftier goals, seeing how I only seemed to […]